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 HIPHOP Promise Clinic



Physician Preceptors

Our physician preceptors are all on a volunteer basis and without their efforts we could not support our patients.


Dr. Karen W. Lin (FM)
Dr. Joyce Afran (FM)
Dr. Euton Laing (FM)
Dr. Barbara Jo McGarry (FM)
Dr. Iris Udasin (IM)
Dr. Frances Wu (FM)
Dr. David Swee (FM)
Dr. Edith Sitrin (IM)
Dr. Miegra Chin (EM)
Dr. Fran Yu (FM)
Dr. Catherine Chen (IM)
Dr. Marissa Stabile (FM)
Dr. XinQi Dong (IM)

Family Medicine Residents

Psychiatry Residents
Emergency Medicine Residents


If you are a physician and are interested in volunteering as a Physician Preceptor at The HIPHOP Promise Clinic, please email Cameron Schmidt (Operations):