What is Aerospace Medicine?

Aerospace Medicine concerns itself with medicine for patients in “unusual environments,” most notably in unique pressure environments. This includes patients who engage in deep-sea diving, pilots, airline hostesses, and astronauts, among others. It is largely a preventive medicine and occupational medicine type of specialty.

What does AsMIG do?

AsMIG serves as a resource to educate students and faculty at RWJMS about the medical specialty of Aerospace Medicine and related fields. In addition to hosting lunch lectures and providing resources for military and civilian aerospace medicine opportunities, the group is also a resource for shadowing, clerkship, residency, and research opportunities in the field of aerospace medicine, participate in national conferences on aerospace medicine, and serves as an informal space science and SCUBA diving club. We organize events and speakers to accomplish these goals.

How can I get involved?

If you are a RWJ student interested in Aerospace Medicine, email us! We can be reached at asmig.rwjms@gmail.com. We'll put you on our membership list and you will be informed of any exciting upcoming aerospace events.

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